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Tcl: How to Throw an Exception

Many Tcl scripters know how to catch an exception, but not many know how to throw it. This wiki page shows how.

Better Font and Color for tkcon in Linux Mint 11

The Problem

In Linux Mint, the default font and background color for tkcon is terrible. I want to change that to something easier to read.

The Solution

Here is my ~/.tkconrc, which fixes it by choosing a better font and background color:

set ::tkcon::COLOR(bg) ivory
set ::tkcon::OPT(font) "{Liberation Mono} 10"


The default font in Linux Mint is terrible: it is hard to read and pixelated. I found the Liberation Mono font works best for me; your mileage may vary. Also, the default background of gray is somewhat dark and drepressing, therefore I changed it to ivory, which is an off-white color (at least on my old laptop).