Monthly Archives: August 2007

Add the Mood to Your Picture

I was walking around downtown Seattle when I spotted this little girl playing a violin on the street. I tried to take a close-up shot of her, but my 17-55mm lens did not offer the zoom power I was looking for. I did not want to walk up close to her for fear of ruining her wonderful concentration and expression. So I thought to myself, “Hai, just take the shot and crop it later.” So, that was what I did. Below is the original picture I took that day:After cropping the picture, I was not entirely pleased because it have not expressed the mood that goes with her music. After a few tries, I finally found the fix by turning it into an old photo. What a difference! The mood is there, the facial expression is there, even her dog seemed to be at the right place and did the right thing.

Exporting Multiple from Numbers to Excel

I have a simple (really!) sheet that I created in the Numbers (part of the new iWork ’08). In this sheet, I created two tables and a text box.

When I exported this sheet to Excel and viewed the result from Excel, I was disappointed, but not surprised that the exported sheet looks horrible: each table is on a different sheet, even the text box gets its own sheet.

The lesson? If you want to create a spreadsheet using Numbers and later exported to Excel, keep it simple with one table. Or, you might want to export your sheet to PDF for read-only sharing.