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Post-It Notes Resume


I am currently searching for a job, as the result, I often carry in my “murse” (man-purse) a stack of paper resume. Due to the size of the bag (a Tom Bihn Small Cafe bag), I have to fold the pages in half. In addition, these pages add bulk in a bag where space is already at a premium.


To solve this problem, I put my resume online, then point people to it.

Posting Resume Online

I used Google Docs to create my resume. Consequently, they already available online. All I need to do is to make my document public and received a random (and long) URL. The next step is to shorten that URL using a URL-shortening service such as Now that I have a short, easy-to-type URL, the next step is how to give that URL to someone. Writing on a piece of paper is always an option, but there is a better way.

Post-It Note Resume

To easily hand out my resume, I print the URL for my resume, along with a QR code on Post-It notes and carry those notes with me. These notes take only a fraction of spaces compare to the full letter-size pages of my resume. They are easier to hand out as well.

To create the QR code, I searched online and found many places to do so. I used for my creation, but other sites work as well. Next, I searched online for a way to print onto Post-It notes and found many pointers as well. The one I used was from a site called One Good Thing.