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Email Settings for Popular Email Services

I often need to look up information to setup my mail clients such as POP3, IMAP, or SMTP servers and ports. Today, I decided to create a spreadsheet with these information which should help me and others. Feel free to edit the spreadsheet to include other services such as comcast, verizon, …

Here is the URL to the spreadsheet:

Reduce Distraction While Reading of Web Pages

Have you been to a web page full of ads that leave no room for contents? I bet you have. Here is an example:

Just to experiment, I printed the web page above to a PDF file, then view that file using Tofu, an OS X file viewing utility and the result is like day and night:


I got fed up with this high noise-to-contents ratio and have been seeking for ways to  bring sanity back to reading web pages. One of the way to deal with this situation is to use the print view. Many web sites has a print view, normally a text link that says something along the lines of “print,” “print this article,” or “printer-friendly view.” These are your friends.

The print views offer a few advantages:

  • They often pack more contents into the same screen area.
  • They are free of ads, or carry only a minimal amount
  • Some websites show white text on black background, which makes it a little hard to read for me. The print view usually show black text on white background–much easier to read in my opinion.
The following two pictures show an example of print view. While the print view might not pack more contents, it is less distracted. Here is the normal view:

white text on black background

And here is the print view:

Print view

 Here is another example, the normal view:
Normal view
And here is the print view:
print view

Have a way to reduce distractions from the web pages? I would like to hear from you.

How to Post Source Code in WordPress

If you are hosting your blog on and would like to post your source code, WordPress has a treat for you. Check out this Java code sniffet:

for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    print("Line number %d\n", i);

If you are interested, check out this WordPress FAQ page. WordPress claims to support Python, but I have tried and the syntax-highlighting feature does not work.

Another alternative is to use the Code Colorizer which I have described in my previous post. The Code Colorizer supports a number of languages, but Python is not one of them. If you know a solution for Python, please post a comment here.