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Customize Jupyter QtConsole Font


I am using the Jupyter QtConsole all the time to try out Python ideas. One thing I noticed that on my Windows 10 system, the font looks beautiful whereas on my macOS, it looks quite ugly so I am setting out to fix it.

About Jupyter QtConsole

Jupyter QtConsole comes with Anaconda installation.

Before Customization

By default, the console uses the Monaco font, which I don’t like:

Customize it

From the terminal, I issued the following command:

jupyter qtconsole --generate-config

After that, a configuration file was created in ~/.jupyter/ Next, I edited it using my favorite editor and made the following changes:

c.JupyterConsoleApp.confirm_exit = False
c.JupyterQtConsoleApp.display_banner = False
c.ConsoleWidget.console_height = 60
c.ConsoleWidget.console_width = 120
c.ConsoleWidget.font_family = 'Inconsolata'

The visual change comes from the last line. At this point, my console looks like this:


Overall, I like the font Inconsolata much better than Monaco.