Monthly Archives: September 2007

Swap Windows and Alt Keys in VMWare Fusion

In the past few days, I have used VMWare Fusion to run Windows XP on my MacBook and I am pretty happy with it. However, as soon as I am in windows, I have trouble getting used to the Control – Alt – Windows key order. For those who do not know, the Windows keyboard’s order is Control – Windows – Alt. Fortunately, my research took me to a VMWare’s forum article where I found just what the doctor order.

Essentially, the solution calls for creating a file called config off ~/Library/Preferences/VMWare Fusion/ and add the following line:

mks.keyboard.swapAlt = TRUE

All credits go to the original poster in the article, magi.

Add The Mood Part Two

In my previous post, I turned one of my picture into old faded photo to convey the mood. Not wanting to stop there, I kept going with another picture. Upon visiting the Kayak Point Park, I walked by one of the Yuks–round tents. The air at that time was erie, even for day time. However, the picture does not deliver that atmosphere I want.
After cropping the picture, I use Lightroom’s Selenium Tone preset to turn it into a cold and erie monotone picture that could scare anyone with a weak heart.
In summary, if you are not happy with your picture’s mood, switching to mono tone could help.