Monthly Archives: November 2011

Dealing with Promotional Announcement Emails at Work

At work, I frequently encounter email messages that announced the promotion of someone. These messages often followed by a string of “congratulations” Reply-All. Yes, you heard me, the sinful “reply-all”. These reply-alls does not serve any purpose except for a) to tell the world that a person have read the message, b) to blatantly tells people how important the one who replied to all is, and c) to hope that he/she can win some recognition.

When I encountered such a thread, I usually read the first message, which is important, then discard the rest. I wish there is some sort of mail rules which detect this condition and discard all, but the original message.

As for those who sends out the original announcement messages (if you are reading my post), I wish you sent via Bcc, which effectively prevents reply-alls.