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Mark Your Keys for Easy Identification


Originally uploaded by haivu_ed

I have a few keys that look alike and found an inexpensive way to distinguish them. I use color markers and mark the keys on the shafts. This way, the colors won’t transfer to my fingers when I hold the keys.

Switching Between OS X Terminal Windows

Terminal is my bread and butter at work and I usually have more than two Terminal window up side by side and switch between them. Here are some trick I learnt:

  • To switch between the windows, use Command+`
  • To jump to the first window, use Command+1. To jump to the second window, use Command+2 and so on
  • If you have several tabs (new in Leopard), use Command+Shift+[ and Command+Shift+] to jump to the previous and next tab, respectively.
  • Alternatively, you can always use the mouse to click on a window or tab to switch to it.
  • I found out this cool tip which put the focus on the window by merely move the mouse cursor to it: from the terminal, issue the following command: defaults write FocusFollowsMouse -string YES and restart the terminal for the change to take effect. Thanks to CLIX (a fantastic collection of command-lines) for this tip.
Overall, I use the Command+<number> quite often, and rarely use the mouse.