Monthly Archives: April 2007

Useful Software in My MacBook

Here is a partial list of Mac software in my MacBook that I found useful. Some of these came with my laptop, but I found them very useful so I list them here.

Application Description
1Passwd Manages my passwords and secured notes
Activity Monitor Which process is responsible for that loud fan?
Adium Chat application that supports Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and more. Adium allows me to cut the fat skipping the installation of each individual services (Yahoo messenger, AIM, MSN messenger, …)
Adobe Lightroom My primary photo management software
Alarm Clock A small freeware that handles many alarms
Aperture Another favorite photo management application
Bluetooth File Exchange Exchange files between my MacBook and bluetooth phone
Chicken of the VNC I use this application to administer my family members’ computers.
Comic Life This applications came with my MacBook. I just love to create stories of our trips, parties, and other occasions
Cyberduck FTP Free! The name says it all.
Dictionary I use dictionary all the time to look up definitions or spellings.
Disc Cover Creates CD and DVD covers, including direct-print discs
Disk Inventory X This application visually displays files and their sizes in my hard drives or folders, allowing me to spot those that take up the most space. This feature is useful for quickly identifying large files.
Disk Utility Repairs disk, creates disk images, and many other talents
Eye TV TIVO for my MacBook
FolderShare Freeware file-sharing between family members and friends
ForkLift Beta freeware file manager that resembles Norton Commander (remember that?)
MacCrackAttack Addictive game in the Tetris genres
GarageSale Sells stuff on eBay with professional-looking posts
HamachiX Zero-configuration VPN, highly recommended
iCal Something I can’t live without
iDVD Creates cool home footages with professional-looking menus
ImageWell Small and fast image editing
iMovie HD I have created many family footages with this application; highly recommended
iPodDisk This application retrieves songs from your iPod. It saved my songs more than once.
DEVONthink My information manager which manages notes, web pages, PDFs, images, and files.
FotoMagico Excellent slideshow creator software
NewsFire My RSS reader
TextMate My favorite text editor
NeoOffice Mac port of OpenOffice
NoiseNinja Noise reduction software for my photos
Nvu Cross-platform HTML editor
OmniOutliner Excellent outliner. I use it for outlines, check lists, logs, just to name a few.
Photo Booth Kids love this one
Preview A nameless hero
QuickSilver Google this name and you’ll see why people love it
Seashore Freeware photo editing software, who needs Photoshop?
Smugmug Uploader Helps me to overcome Smugmug’s upload limit
SnapNDrag Freeware screen capture utility
Skype VOIP stuff
Spirited Away Hides those inactive windows automatically
Spyder2 Screen calibration
SuperDuper My life saver
Print Shop 2 For my wild imagination and printing needs
Unarchiver Handles password-protected .zip files, among its other features
Toast 7 Titanium Burn everything, baby!
VLC Plays almost everything (except for those footage I created using FotoMagico, strange!)
WebGem HTTP server to show off your pictures in iPhotos and Aperture.
Yahoo Messenger I only fire this one up when I need video chat with my family members. For the rest of the time, I use Adium.