How to type Vietnamese on Windows 7

Typing Vietnamese on Windows 7 does not require any third-party software. All we need is to enable the Vietnamese keyboard and learn how to type special characters.



Open Control Panel and click on Clock, Language and Region.


Click on Change keyboards or other input methods at the bottom of the right pane.


Click Change keyboards…


In the Text Services and Input Languages window, click Add…


Select Vietnamese from the list and click OK.


We will see the Vietnamese keyboard added. Click  OK and we are done with the installation.


How to Type Vietnamese Text

The first step is to switch the keyboard from English (or your current language) to Vietnamese.  Look at the bottom of right of the screen, we will see “EN” for English. Click on it and select “VI” for Vietnamese.



Next, we will learn how to type special Vietnamese characters:

Huyền = 5
Hỏi = 6
Ngã = 7
Sắc = 8
Nặng = 9

ă = 1
â = 2
ê = 3
ô = 4
đ = 0
ư = [
ơ = ]

Good luck.



27 thoughts on “How to type Vietnamese on Windows 7

  1. oanh

    Thanks for the tips to type Vietnamese on window 7. I have a surface 2 with window 7. I will apply your method and let you know the result.

    I am using Samsung galaxy. I download some app to type Vietnamese but it is not good. Can you give me some advices on this. Thanks and have a nice day

  2. Hien

    is there a way to reassign the keys to difference accents? for example: Huyền = 5 change to Huyền = 2

    Thank you very much.

  3. nikki

    this is awesome thanks.
    DO you know how to change font of those vietnamese character? No matter what font i used the vietnamese character stay the same.


  4. Doan Huyen

    Thanks Hai.
    My issue is that it works in MS Word, but not in email in Google Chrome. Do you have any tips? Thanks!

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  6. Juan

    For those who use Samsung Galaxy smartphone to type Vietnamese, all you need is to:
    – Run Settings.
    – On top menu, select My device, in between of Connections and Accounts.
    – Scroll down to Input and control sub menu, select Language and input.
    – Make sure to have Samsung keyboard checked, then click on gear icon on right hand side.
    – Click the plus sign Select input languages.
    – On languages listing, select “Tiếng Việt”
    – You’re all set to go. Press Return many times to go back to your home screen.

    Using “Tiếng Việt” keyboard:
    First time you go into qwerty keyboard, at the bottom it shows “English(US)”, slide on that icon, it turns to “Tiếng Việt”. So actually you could switch back and forth between English and “Tiếng Việt” at anytime you like.

    Have fun.

  7. tony

    Please help to type ư = [ and ơ = ] in regular English keyboard. I’m starting to learn how to write Vietnamese on Window 7 by using regular English keyboard. Anyone please and thank you. Normally, the symbols [ and ] are hidden under drop down menu “Insert” tab, not readily written on keyboard as other symbols and that’s why I had troubles.

  8. Duyen

    What to do about the absence of VNI in the font drop-down? Or did you manage to type Vietnamese with a non-VNI font, Hai?

  9. Kenny

    Hello chu Hai, I need some hint on how to type these characters:
    Huyền = 5, Hỏi = 6, Ngã = 7, Sắc = 8, Nặng = 9
    ă = 1, â = 2, ê = 3 , ô = 4, đ = 0, ư = [, ơ = ]
    I copied and pasted the special characters for this “Leave a Reply” window.
    Thank you.


  10. Kenny

    Hello chu Hai, I know how to typing the special characters now. Thank you! Also, thanks for putting these special characters for people to use.

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