The iPad Stylus Socks GOLD Review

The Problem

I need a stylus to draw on the iPad, but don’t like the rubber-tip ones because of the lack of smoothness and they don’t last long.

The iPad Stylus Socks GOLD

My long research took me to this product. I wish I remember where I received the pointer from to send my thank, but I do not.

The iPad Stylus Sock is basically a “chopstick” stylus, wrapped in a conductive “sock”. I purchased a two-pack GOLD version with marble-like decoration. The stylii are of different sizes, which I will talk more about that later.

Because of the wooden construction, the stylus feels light in the hand. I wish it feels much heavier the way I prefer it. The sock which wraps one end of the stylus is a conductive fabric. As such, it feels much better to draw on the iPad glass surface than a rubber tip. The stylus glides effortlessly with just the right amount of friction. This is the one feature that draws me to this stylus. The sock seems to hold up well. On average, I use my stylus about one to three hours a week for two months now and don’t see any visible sign of wear.

I was curious while the stylus has the word “iPad” in its name as if it is designed just for the iPad. So, I tried it out on an iPhone and Android phone: it performs just as well. However, using a stylus on a phone is not something a phone owner would do.

Because the tip of the stylus is flat, as in a chopstick, I have to hold it vertically for the iPad to recognize. When holding the stylus at an angle to the iPad surface, the stylus sometimes miss register due to the small contact area. This could be a deal-breaker if you are not used to hold a stylus that way. Fortunately for me, I can write with my pen in nearly vertical so I can easily adapt my posture.

I purchase a set of two stylii, the smaller of the two is ideal for travel as it is small. The draw back is it is chopstick skinny to hold comfortably. For this reason, I keep the large stylus in my bag and the small, skinny one at home. The larger stylus’ body is wide at the tip, then heavily tapper in at the top. This shape of reminds me of the dip pens I used in elementary school in Vietnam.

Finally, I would like to mention about the price. I purchased the two stylii for $22, plus $6 shipping and handling; which makes it about $14 a piece. Compare to the other stylii I owned, the iPad stylus socks are inexpensive.


The large stylus is a keeper for me. The combination of smoothness, style, and price makes it a winner. I keep the smaller one at my desk for occasional use.

What I Like about this Stylus

  • Smooth writing, drawing
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Inexpensive
  • Beautiful style. The larger stylus looks like a dip pen.

What I don’t Like about it

  • Heavier. The stylus is too light for my taste.
  • Holding posture. I would be nice to be able to hold it at a natural writing angle.
  • The smaller stylus is too skinny to hold.

Where to Buy

I bought mine from Etsy


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