Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini Review

The Problem

I would like to have a keyboard for my iPad mini that is compact and usable to bring with me.

The Review

The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini is about the size of the iPad mini and a little lighter. It comes in black or white to match your iPad mini’s colors.

The keyboard has a hinge which attachs to the iPad mini and acts as a clam shell cover. This design has the advantage of offering two solutions in one piece of hardware: a cover and a keyboard. The disadvantage of this design is when I open up the keyboard, I still have to detach the iPad from it and place the iPad into a groove on the keyboard. I wish I can just open up the keyboard and start working right away.

The first time I turned on the keyboard, I went into the iPad mini’s bluetooth settings and saw the keyboard listed. By selecting they keyboard the two devices paired after a few seconds–a painless experience.

Performance is where I have issue with this keyboard. The keys are tiny, especially for such Delete, numbers, and symbols. After a couple of days of use, I started to get use to the keyboard layout and tiny keys become less annoying. The keys don’t repeat when held down–a behavior that is different from a computer’s keyboard. I found myself from time to time needing to repeatedly delete characters and it is a pain not being able to hold down the delete key to do so. Because of the small number keys. Their placement is a little out of place. For example, when I need to type number 3, I ended up with number 2 instead. Likewise, I often get a hash (#) instead of the intended dollar ($) sign.

The groove in the keyboard is designed to act as the iPad mini holder, which can hold it in portrait for landscape mode. In landscape mode, the goove has some magnets, which holds the iPad mini securely. One complain I have against this setting is the keyboard holds the iPad mini a a fix angle, which makes it usable on a desk setting, but not on my lap.


What I like about this keyboard

  • Thin, light
  • Acts as a cover for iPad mini
  • Easy pairing
  • iPad mini can be in portrait for landscape mode
  • Can act as a stand for the iPad mini

What I don’t like

  • Small keys
  • Fixed screen angle



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