Use subst to Deal with Long Path Names

The Problem

I want to shorten the paths to a directory that is buried deep in the file system. In my daily work, I often need to cd into such directory as long as:


Although Windows command line has file name completion, it is still a long and tedious process to change into and out of these directories.

The Solution

There are several solutions, such as using environment variable to point to the destination directory, or to create alias to cd there (via doskey). My favorite solution uses subst to substitute the long path with a drive letter:

subst F: C:\projects\tests\utilities\fileutil

From this point on, I can switch to this long directory using the shorter drive alias. Instead of

cd C:\projects\tests\utilities\fileutil

I can get to it by changing the drive:


By using a drive to access a deeply buried directory, I also get around the problem of 260-character path name limit in Windows.


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