Too Many iPhone Apps? Search!!

I have been using the iPhone for only a short time, but have accumulated quite a number of apps. It gets to the point where I have to spend some time to find my app. There is a better way.

I used to waste my time ordering the apps into logical screens, but that is not enough: as new apps are added, I have to repeat the process all over again. I know about folders, but I do not like them, but that is the topics for another post.

What works for me is the iPhone’s search feature. When I want to find my app, instead of flipping through screens after screens, I press the “Home” button once to go to the first screen; then I press it once more to go to the search screen. There must be a small gap of time between the two or the multitasking screen is launched instead. At the search screen, I start to type a couple of letters identifying the app I am after and sure enough, my app usually rises to the top.

I also use the search feature to find just about anything stored in my iPhone: contacts, appointments, music, email to name a few. This tip also works with other devices such as iPod touch and iPad.


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