Restore Your SSH Session Working Directory

The Problem

I want to login to a remote Linux machine via SSH and to be in the same directory I was before my last log out.

The Solution

Since my login shell is bash, I present this solution in bash, but you can adapt it for your favorite shells. This tip relies on the two special files ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bash_logout. When a user logs out of a Linux system, the login shell (bash in this case) executes the ~/.bash_logout file, which is where we save our working directory:

# Contents of .bash_logout

Likewise, we a user logs in, bash execute .bash_profile, so we put the instruction to restore the working directory there:

# Contents of .bash_profile
# ...

# Restore last directory
export LASTDIRFILE=~/.lastdir


The ~/.bash_logout is a wonderful file for saving your session’s details and its counterpart, ~/.bash_profile, is good for restoring them.


One thought on “Restore Your SSH Session Working Directory

  1. Christian Weiske

    Thanks for the bash_logout pointer.
    Your script does not work for directories with spaces, and is a bit unsecure as I wouldn’t expect a “lastdir” file to contain actual commands. Storing it under ~/.config/ is probably also better than cluttering ~.

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