Add Color Coding to Mac OS X’s Quick Look for Source Codes

The Problem

The recent releases of Mac OS X has a wonderful feature: quick look. By selecting a file in the Finder and hit spacebar, the user can quickly view the contents of that file, be it text, audio, video, graphics, and many other file types. I often want to quick look the contents of my source codes and encountered two problems: First, As shipped, quick look does not support many types of source code, specifically Tcl. Second, the default quickly is pretty bland without any color code at all.

The Solution

My search took me to a wonderful piece of software called qlcolorcode and it did what I want. Now instead of seeing the above boring quick look, I see something like:

If you like what you see and decide to use it, head over the developer’s site and grab it. The installation is easy, so just jump right in. When you are there, please read the ReadMe for customization such as adding line numbers or changing the font.


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