View Stock Price Using Command Line

I live on command line all day, so it is convenience to perform many tasks using the command line. One of those is to check stock price:

curl -s ''

The above command check for the last price (with some delay) of Cisco Systems. If you want to check the price for other tickers, replace ‘csco’ with your ticker symbol. You can query more than one symbols by separate them with commas, but do not leave any space in between.

The f=l1 defines the formatting for the returned information. To find more about formatting, visit this page

Please note this trick requires curl so install it before you try.


2 thoughts on “View Stock Price Using Command Line

  1. Zbigniew

    Often we’re forgetting how powerful are the simple tools, to be found in any distro. 😉

  2. kiwo

    Thanks a lot for all these useful information! it’s great to meet another unix fan out there

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