Else If in Popular Programming Languages

Problem Statement

I write program in many languages and the one thing I keep forgetting is how to spell “else if”. OK, stop laughing and think about it: each language spells “else if” differently: else if, elseif, elsif, or even elif.


To put my mind to rest, I create this list which serves as a quick look-up for me. I am sure that someone else might find this useful.

The Languages

Language Keywords Notes
AWK if, else if, else Just like C/C++.
bash if, then, elif, else, fi The fi keyword ends the if construct.
C/C++/C# if, else if, else Technically, these languages does not have the “else if” keyword, but the effect is the same.
Java/Javascript if, else if, else See note for C
Perl if, elsif, else
Python if, elif, else
Tcl if, elseif, else
Visual Basic If, Then, ElseIf, Else, End If Not case sensitive, but the IDE usually spells as presented

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