iTunes: Move to Trash Shortcut

I often need to delete old podcasts to make room on my hard drive. My preferred way to delete an item is to highlight it, then hit the delete key. iTunes then displays a dialog similar to this one:
iTunes dialog asking to keep the file or move it to the trash
Since the “Keep File” button is highlighted, it is the default action if the user hits the return (also known as the enter) key. Instead of hitting the Cancel button to abort the operation, the user can hit the esc key. What about the “Move to Trash” button? After a few trials, I found it: just hit the m key and iTunes will move the item to trash. I have tested this shortcut on the Mac OS X environment, so I am not sure if it works in Windows.

If you know any useful shortcut keys that are off the beaten path, please share them via the comment section. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “iTunes: Move to Trash Shortcut

  1. Pete

    Press ⌘M when you get the dialog– ⌘(first letter of dialog answer) should work in all OSX applications– if you wanted to (⌘K)eep File, you can do that too.

    It doesn’t change the default, but it gives you the behavior you want without having to click.

    p.s. I’m not a fan of Google’s search algorithm giving unanswered questions the top hits. What a crock. I know it can’t be fixed because it’s based on the number of links to a page, but why do people try so hard to get junk moved up?

  2. Hai Post author

    I just tried it now with iTunes 11.0.2 (26) under OS X Mountain Lion (10.7.5) and it still works. Remember to hit just the `m` key, not Cmd+m

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