Some Python One-Liners

Python is such a simple and get-the-job-done language that many script I wrote is very short. Here are a couple of one- and two-liners:

# by Hai Vu
# Here are some of my one- and two-liners
import os, sys

# To create Pascal naming from a regular phrase
print 'print in order traversal'.title().replace(' ', '') # --> PrintInOrderTraversal

# Print the contents of a file:
print file('').read()

# read the contents of a file and put in a list:
lines = [x[:-1] for x in file('')]

# Poor man's calculator: parse the command line and evaluate it.
# If you save this to a file call, then call it as follow:
#   python "28 * 1.15" 
# The output will be:
#   28 * 1.15  = 32.2
expression = ' '.join(sys.argv[1:])
print expression, ' =', eval(expression)

# Prints out the path with each component in a separate line
# also work for such environment variables as INCLUDE, LIB, and CDPATH
print '\n'.join(os.environ['PATH'].split(os.pathsep))

Please submit your favorite one-liners in the comments section.


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