Enough with the Ads Already

Today, I was writing a short email to a local TV station’s webmaster complaining the fact that they keep flashing me with pop-up ads that none of my pop-up killer can detect. It is bad enough that they put adds all over the place: top, bottom, sides, middle of the stories. Now, they flash us with pop-up ads, too. This is the last straw. I wrote that letter and made it clear that I will go elsewhere for news. I know that ads will be here to stay, and that ‘elsewhere’ might not be better, but it is time someone has to speak up.

I also notice the same phenomenon in viewing TV: ads are popping up right below or sometimes, on top of the screen. This is on top of the heavy ads they already throw in your face. I understand that local TV stations must earn a living in order to provide free services, but enough is enough.

Tell me what you think.

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