Windows XP/Vista Auto-completion Mystery

I have an XP and a Vista box. On the XP box, the auto-completion works beautifully: it automatically suggests the name of the files or directory based on the first few characters that I typed. Auto-completion works in places such as the file open/save dialogs, the Run command, and the Internet Explorer’s web address line. On my Vista box, auto-completion does not seem to work. After some research, I finally came to this thread which basically told me to turn on a setting in Internet Explorer. Here is how:

  1. Start Internet Explorer (IE)
  2. Click the Internet Options menu off the Tools Menu
  3. Click the Advanced tab
  4. Click to select the Use inline AutoComplete check box
  5. Click OK to commit the change

That’s all there to it. Perhaps Microsoft can re-think the situation and put the settings somewhere in the control panel instead of IE.


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