Colorize Your Code for Free Online

As I started to blog about programming, I run into the frustration of seeing my source code get munched because of symbols such as < or >. Surrounding my code with pre block does not help. After some research, I found help in the form of the Code Colorizer.

The first thing I love about this online tool is there is nothing to install (and probably cross-platform, too). Secondly, the output is simply gorgeous. Did I mention that is it free?

Using Code Colorizer is simple, the application spells out the steps for you. After generating the output, I simply select the third option near the end of the page which said, “Colorize source code (partial HTML block)”, then cut-and-paste the result into my blog. It can’t be easier than this. I just love it. If you need to publish your code online, check out the Code Colorizer.


2 thoughts on “Colorize Your Code for Free Online

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