Reset Printing System to Solve Printing Problem

My wife has been having problem printing to a shared printer across my 802.11g network for the last couple of days. After some un-fruitful research, I took her laptop to a local Apple store and asked for help. Here is the instruction the Genius gave me to solve our problem.

The problem

I have a MacBook which has two printers (HP LJ3015 and Epson Rx580) attached to it via a USB hub. I share these two printers so that my wife’s G4 iBook can print to them across our 802.11g wireless network. All is well until one day when she tried to print a document, it took about a minute or two for the print dialog box to come up, then another minute or two trying to print before giving up with the following terse message:

Print Error Dialog

To debug the problem, I fired up the console application and received the following errors:

PMSessionValidatePrintSettings failed (error code = -50)
PMSessionBeginPageNoDialog failed (error code = -30871)
Failed to PMSessionBeginPageNoDialog

The Solution

On my MacBook, start the Printer Setup Utility application, click on the Printer Setup Utility menu (AKA main menu) and select Reset Printing System… This will remove all the printers. Afterward, add those printers again. They are not yet shared so the next step is to share them via the Sharing tab within the Printer & Fax preference pane.On my wife’s iBook, go through the steps to reset printing system and re-add the printers as described above. After going through these steps, my wife was able to print from her iBook again.


One thought on “Reset Printing System to Solve Printing Problem

  1. jose

    Thank christ, that seems to have worked for me. My printer has been screwed up for a week and driving me nutty. Thanks!

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