Explore Your Photos with Lightroom’s Metadata Browser

Have you ever tried to look for a particular photo that was taken on a specific date, or by a specific camera? Lightroom’s Metadata Browser can help you to locate such a photo and more.

Last weekend, I had an out-of-state visitor and we talked about photography in general. When he asked me to show him some sample of a particular lens, in this case, my Nikkor AF 50mm f1.8D, I had no problem locating it under the Lens section of the Metadata Browser. The visitor was at awe of easy and speedy it was to pinpoint such information and thought that feature alone worth Lightroom’s full price.

To use the Metadata Browser, you must first switch to the Library module. You can do this in Lightroom by clicking on the “Library” module at the top right corner of the screen, or type ‘g’. Next, locate the “Metadata Browser” section in the left pane and click the disclose triangle to expand its sub-sections. Here, you can browser your photos by camera type, lens, file type, aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed rating, date, location, creator, and label.

I often find the camera type useful when I am trying to locate photos taken by a particular camera. For example, most of photos taken with my camera phone is for note-taking purpose. Therefore, by locating these pictures, I can browse through my notes. You can also browser by date to locate pictures you took on a specific date (birthdays, picnic, …) Even the lens browser is interesting: By looking at the lenses and the number of photos taken by each, I can have a general idea which lens is my “pet” lens (current, the 18-200mm) and which is not (my 12-24mm).

I am confident that you will find even more uses for this feature. Go to the library and use the Metadata Browser. Soon you, will find yourself hooked.


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