The .nib Versus .mp3 File Mystery

Today, I stumbled upon a mystery: I ran across a song that iTunes refuses to play, so I decided to investigate a little bit. To find the file containing the song, I ctrl+click on the file (or right-click) and selected “Show in Finder”. It turned out that the file referenced by the song has a .nib extention instead of .mp3. Fortunately, next to that .nib file is the .mp3 file, so I double-click the .mp3 to import it back into iTunes. Finally, I selected the unplayable song in iTunes and hit the “delete” key and chose “Move to Trash” to get rid of both the song and the .nib file.

After this incident, I poke around a found a dozen of .nib files within my library which I used the same method to manually correct the situation. I appreciate any explanation for insight into this problem. In case you have not noticed, I am running iTunes on Mac OS X 10.4.9.


3 thoughts on “The .nib Versus .mp3 File Mystery

  1. Brian

    This is *exactly* the same problem I’m having. I have about 50 songs in my library that have turned into “.nib” files. Any wisdom? I’m totally baffled and feel like these songs are basically gone. Thanks. Brian

  2. wuhrr Post author

    So far, you are the only other person that I know who has this same problem. I have no idea what causes it.

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