Copy Full Paths to Clipboard with Automator

Have you ever selected a file and wanted to access its full path? I ran into the same situation a couple of  times and decided to create a solution for it.  This solution involves only two “line” of automator’s actions.

To create the solution, I start automator, select “Finder” from the Library column, then drag the “Get Selected Finder Items” action from the Action column to the work area (the third column). I then select “System” from the library, then drag the “Copy to Clipboard” action to the work area, just below the first action. At this point, my workflow looks like this:

 To save the workflow, I select the “File” menu, then “Save As Plug-In…” menu item. Next, I give my plug in a name, such as “Copy Full Path”, choose “Finder” from the “Plug-in for” drop-down and click Save. Now it is time to test out my solution. From the Finder, I select one or more files or folders, the Ctrl+Click (or right-click) on one of them, select my just-saved workflow from the Automator menu and watch the menu bar to see if the workflow is running. Upon finishing, the clipboard now stores the full paths for those Finder items, one per line. I can check by pasting the contents of the clipboard into a text document.


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