EasyEnvelopes Does It

I found myself many times wanting to print an envelope, but do not want to spend the effort to do so. Who would want to fire up an application, fill out the return and mailing addresses, position them so they appear just right, then change the page layout, then print. Enters a free utility that handles this task in an easy and efficient way: EasyEnvelopes Ambrosia Software.

EasyEnvelopes (EE) is a Mac OS X widget. Installing it is as easy as double-clicking on the widget. After installation, I launched the widget for the first time and to my pleasant surprise, EE has filled out my return address using my home address. The magic lies in the integration with Address Book application.

The first thing I did was to configure the widget by clicking on the “i” at the bottom right corner of the envelope. From the configuration screen, I can change the envelope size, font size, USPS bar code, the return address and its placement (in front or in the back). Once configured, the fun began. The widget allow searching for entries in the Address Book, or I can enter a new address in. After that, clicking on the stamp to print. It could not be simpler.

Since the Address Book application also allow envelopes printing, why do I need this widget? First, EE allows printing an address that is not in the address book (think rebate address). In addition, EE gives more control over the the return address: home, custom, an image, or none. Finally, EE can optionally print the US Postal Service’s bar code, which should help speeding up mail sorting and increase accuracy.

In conclusion, EasyEnvelopes is one fine widget that performs only one task very well: printing envelopes. In addition to features, performance, and ease of use, EasyEnvelopes offers an unbeatable price: free. This tool will stay in my arsenal for a long time.


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