Apple iPhone: How to Improve It

As of this moment, I am sure you have heard about Apple’s iPhone, which is an amazing product. since many people have focused on what they like about the iPhone, and I agree with most of them, I would like to focus on areas that need improvement. Before I begin, I would like to clarify my position: I love iPhone and will probably buy it, pending test-driving it in person. The reason I post these negative point is to point out the weakness and hopefully someone will listen and improve.

First off, I do not like the iPhone for its size and form factor. Based on the pictures, the phone seems large for a phone. Remember, this device is foremost a phone: I can afford to leave home without my iPod, but not my phone. Therefore, size matters. In my opinion, anything that is wider than the Razr will not do for me. That being said, the size seems excellent for a PDA/phone/iPod device.

After size, my next complain targets the lack of buttons. I agree that the iPhone without button is so sleek and beautiful; it is a piece of art. However, think about this scenario: you are driving and would like to make a call, what should you do? First, you take out your iPhone and unlock it, of course. Now, image yourself performing the “slide to unlock” operation with one hand. I hope that I don’t have to do that while driving. Without the button, the user cannot rely on the tactile feedback to operate the phone. Instead, he or she will have to actually look at the screen in order to make the correct choice. In addition, the touch screen seems to make it difficult to operate with one hand because the user cannot slide the thumb over the screen to reach the intended buttons.

The lack of buttons also brings another problem, namely the smudged screen syndrome. We can protect an iPod’s screen with cases, screen, or even thin protective films. The iPhone touch screen means the user cannot cover the screen, leaving it prone to scratches, dirt, and smudges.

Many people mentioned the fact that Apple has locked into Cingular is a big turn off. I think Apple should have sold the phone unlocked so the users can go on with their own carrier choices. Personally, I don’t use 3G data services, but for those who do, iPhone’s EDGE will surely disappoint them. Many people also express concern regarding the battery life, which might be fine for a phone, but seems short as far as PDA or music player is concerned.

As the owner of a 4th-generation 30GB iPod, I am disappointed at the iPhone’s tiny storage size. I hope Apple should address this issue with larger drives. I understand the use of flash memory reduces power consumption, along with saving weight. I hope that someday flash memory become cheap enough to see 20GB or even larger drive.

For me, the number one reason to buy the iPhone is not because it is cool, but because I expect that it just work seamlessly with my Mac. For that, I mean the synchronizing experience. I currently use a wonderful phone, the Sony Ericsson W810i. While I love this phone dearly, I still think that the synchronization process needs some improvement. Specifically, for years, I have been trying to synchronize notes between the phone and my MacBook. Funny that I can synchronize contacts, appointments, and tasks; but I cannot synchronize notes. My phone currently has more than 50 notes, and that list is growing. I keep note on many things: the dimension of my printer, so I can shop for a printer stand; the model number of my air filter, to name a couple. It would be nice if I do not have to manually synchronize them.

These are a few problems that I can see. I will update this article if I think up more. That being said, I am looking forward to try out the phone is my local Apple Store.


2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone: How to Improve It

  1. Eric

    In the UK it is illegal to drive while using a cellphone without a hands free kit. It seems like it would be wise for your own safety(and others) not to use you current phone while driving and especially not an i-Phone

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