Homemade Light Tent

First, I would like to thank you Bill Huber for his exellent instruction on how to build a light tent. It took me less than half an hour to build one. If I can do it, I am sure everybody else can. While building the tent, I made three deviations from his instructions:

  1. I did not use glue so I can take down the tent when not in use.
  2. I used a poly pipe cutter ($14 at Lowes) to cut the pipe, thanks to an anonymous tip on Bill’s site.
  3. I used clips to hold the paper instead of metal crews. This way, I do not have to punch holes on the sheets.

In addition, Staples sells posterboards that have different colors on each side, which make great backdrops. You might be able to find them at other stores as well.

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