Deleting Duplicate Songs in iTunes

I wish I remember where to read this tip from, so I can give proper credit. To delete duplicate songs in your iTunes library, first select your library, then click on the Edit / Show Duplicate Songs menu. At this point, iTunes will show you all songs that it thinks duplicate, sorted by name.

Before you delete them off the library, right-click (or Ctrl+click) on the song and choose Show Song File to locate the file in the Finder. Delete both from the Finder and the iTunes library.


12 thoughts on “Deleting Duplicate Songs in iTunes

  1. Duplicate File Finder

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  2. mike

    the problem with using itunes duplicate detector is it will only detect duplicates in your computer library, not your ipod’s, so if you manually manage your music its useless

  3. wildoc82

    The simplest way to identify duplicate files would be to use a duplicate files finder to analyze your disks. It is easy, simple and useful as it may free up plenty of space. However it is better to use a software which works by binary compression as this provides the greatest accuracy .

  4. tuneupmdia

    Great read! i tried it but i failed to do. I have a big playlist in my iTunes. So what is simplest way to remove these files without losing the original files?

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