Save Your Online Receipts the Web Receipts Way

I found out the Mac OS X tip by accident. If you are purchasing online, chances are you want to print out the receipts for your record. Most of the time, you want to save a copy of the receipt instead of printing. This tip shows you how to accomplish so using Mac OS X (mine is 10.4.7).

  1. When you are ready to save the receipt, select the File/Print menu
  2. Click the ‘PDF’ button at the lower left part of the print dialog
  3. Select ‘Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder’

That’s all there to it. Now check your Documents folder: a new folder named ‘Web Receipts’ has been created with your receipt in PDF format. Please note that it is a good idea the rename your PDF file since subsequent print from the same site could overwrite your existing file without any warning. That will mean loss of old receipts for you.

I recommend to change the name of the file to something like:
2006-08-12 iPod 30GB from
This way, the receipts will be sorted by purchase dates. If you google the term Web Receipts, you will see that countless of other people have made the same discovery long before I did.

Tags: OS X, PDF, receipt, web


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