Google Page Creator

Google Page Creator (GPC) is a free service from Google that enable the users to create web pages using online tools. However, at this point, the service is flaky: I keep losing my changes due to disconnection problem. I will revisit this service after a couple of weeks; at that time, I hope the quality of service should be improved.

Adding photos and links to a page is easy. A photo can reside on the web (you supply the URL) or on your local machine (GPC will upload it). While a link to email or URL works, link to a local file shows some problems. I tried to link to a local .pdf file and GPC automatically upload it and made the link works–OK so far. When I try to link to a local .html file, GPC uploads and created the link just fine; but when I tested the link, it only shows the first line of the file.

I like GPC for creating pages that is free of clusters and ads (they might introduces ads later, but I hope they will be text ads per Google’s tradition).

2006-02-28 Update
Since yesterday, the service is more consistent. Today, I did not even notice the “disconnected” problem. I am not surprise because I expect the inconsistency in quality of service during the beta period. The more I use GPC, the more I appreciate its professionally designed templates. These templates are simple, elegant, aesthetic, and easy to read.


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