Get Driving Direction from Your iPod

Do you use Yahoo to find driving direction? Do you own iPod Photo (or later)? If you answered “Yes” to both questions, you are a prime candidate for a useful service: iPod iWay (IPIW).

How does it work? At the iPodiWay site, submit your starting point and destination, IPIW will return you a .zip file with a series of .gif images (001.gif, 002.gif, and so on), each contains one or more instruction. All you have to do is to copy these images to synchronize with your iPod. At driving time, just view those images in sequence and follow the instruction.

You might wonder, “Why images? Why not text?” The answer is simple: the .GIF images allows for larger font, which is helpful when you are driving. Besides, the .GIF format does not take up that much space. The direction from my home to the airport 30 mile away only takes up 104KB of disk space–puny.

What not to like about it? Instead of just print out the direction on paper, you have to synchronize the images with iPod–not an easy job for some users. Also, when driving, operating the iPod to read the instruction is much harder than just picking up the paper and read.

Despite the shortcoming above, I think iPodiWay is an excellent service that increase the usefulness of your iPod.



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