Problems with Google Web Accelerator (GWA)

In a wimp, I installed GWA on my laptop and instead of saving time as promised, I spent hours trying to finish the installation process alone. In my first attempt, the installation process froze just before reaching the 100% mark. No mater what I did could kill the beast, so I finally had to resort to holding down the power button to turn off the system.

After restarting, I had to deal with system problems such as freezing, hanging, browser hangs (IE, AvantBrowser, and FireFox) along with other countless irregularities. I could not even uninstall the program.

Finally, I attempted to run the installation a couple of times before I can completely uninstall the beast. GWA might work for other people, but not for me. I am now happy again without it.


One thought on “Problems with Google Web Accelerator (GWA)

  1. zack

    hello i saw no other way to contact you, so i decided to make a comment to your most recent post. I am a member of the pbwiki community as well

    on your site i noticed that the backackit link had a comma at the end which directs to a bad page… just wanted to let you know 🙂

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