Where to put your video and photos to share online?

I used to have a .Mac account where I can share my family video clips with my relatives around the world. But .Mac costs about $100 a year and I am not a %100 Mac guy, so I am setting out to look for an alternative, especially a free one. My quest landed me at putfile.com, a free photo and video hosting service. Please read on to see if the free service fullfill my modest need.


  • Free, simple to use
  • Video and audio files up to 25MB in size per file
  • Visitors do not have to enter a password to view your media (also a cons)


  • Buffering takes a long time, forget about instant play back
  • Not folder hierarchy to organize your media
  • Visitors do not have to enter a password to view your media (also a pros)
  • Only allow media files and not other kinds (.doc, .txt, …)
  • Unviewed video will be deleted after a while

The registration is relatively easy; the user only need to answer about 10 questions regarding name, birthday, password, … The service allows its users to upload many kind of media: video, audio, and photos. It does not allow its users to upload other kinds of files such as Word documents for example).

Once the upload is finished, the service supplies its users with a URL to that file. At this point, the user can email that URL to potential viewers. So far, I have uploaded two videos, both are in Quicktime movies format and the viewing experience is fantastic. As soon as a person views the URL, the service will start buffering the video, then plays it automatically.

One of the grief I have against this excellent service is the fact they delete unviewed videos, which makes sense for them. There are a couple of times when I directed my relatives to view our family and they could not view them because Putfile.com has removed them due to inactivity.

In conclusion, despites a couple of minor complains, I am pleased with the service, especially its price: free.


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