Comic Life: turns your photos into a comic

Here is an interesting application. I would like to try it out, but I store my pictures on my Windows machine, not my iBook. If you know anything like this for the Windows world, please let me know.

2006-02-12 Update
A couple of days ago, I visited a local Apple store and found a machine with Comic Life installed, so I decided to play with it. The program is very easy to use; if you know how to drag and drop, you are almost there, just add your imagination. Comic Life allows to export the result to .TIFF, .JPG, .MOV, among other formats. While using the program is easy, you could be frustrated if you are using a small monitor (say, 15 inch or less). The machine in the store sported a 20-inch LCD, which allows to see full page, including the small captions easily. If you have a smaller monitor, you might have to zoom in to see the captions, which means lots of scrolling. Once you created your comic, the monitor size also carry to viewing: it would be nice to view the full page, and the only way to do so comfortably is to have a large monitor. I tried to view the comic on a laptop with 14-inch screen and I can barely read the captions–not fun at all. However, for $29, this software offers good value and fun.


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