Portable FileZilla (USB Friendly)

In my quest to fill my USB key (AKA thumb drive, or pen drive, or flash drive) with useful applications that I can use on public computers, I ran across John Haller’s portable FileZilla (PFZ).


  • Free!
  • Small: PFZ takes about 3.51MB of space
  • Full featured
  • Settings stored in XML file


  • Size is larger than i-ftp
  • Perhaps need to strip down in size and feature
  • A little hard to use for novice


As with other portable applications, you install by merely unzip the installation file (.zip) to your USB key and start running.

Running the program

The program looks and feel just like the regular FileZilla. For those who already used FileZilla, myself included, they should feel at ease. However, for those who are new to FileZilla, the busy interface is a bit daunting. While I have not used the program extensively, I do not notice any missing features, compared to the full version. One think I like about PFZ is the way it stores settings in the filezilla.xml file. This way, I can back it up for later restoration. This is a useful feature inherited from the full FileZilla; it allows you to save your servers’ settings and transfer them to different machines if needed.


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