Outlook 2003 delivers mail to nowhere

A couple of days ago, my Thinkpad T42 laptop suddenly could not boot up for some reason. No problem, I thought, I would run the IBM Rescue and Recovery program to recover my operating system as well as personal files, which I back up every week. The restoration went exceptionally well that I only loss about 4 days worth of data. The bad news is Outlook 2003 started to act strangly. When I started Outlook, the status bar told me that Outlook is downloading my messages to the Inbox. The problem is, I did not see any of those messages. I searched and searched and could not find them anywhere. After almost a day of troubleshooting, I was ready to give up and thought of re-installing Office 2003. Then I remember my good friend Duong and went to him for help. This is a big blow to my pride because I used to be an Outlook tester. It turned out that Duong had a solution for that, and it worked.

Here are the steps that I did, based on Duong’s advice:

  1. Back up my data (.PST) file
  2. Delete the current Outlook profile
  3. Repair Office 2003 (or Outlook 2003)
  4. Run Outlook afresh

If you don’t know how to perform these steps, you can search for them at http://support.microsoft.com


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