Portable Applications for your USB Key

If you carry a sizable USB 2.0 key, you might want to load some
portable applications to bring with you on the go. They prove to be
handy for me. Please note that USB 1.1 key works, but it will take too
long to load the applications. Here what I have on
my key:

  • Portable FireFox web browser that is small,
    fast, and full-feature [Link]
  • Portable Thunderbird—an excellent email program that supports POP3, IMAP, and RSS [Link]
  • Portable OpenOffice—an excellent replacement for Microsoft Office [Link]
  • Portable Roboform AKA Pass2Go, a password management that can fill out web pages for you, the free version is limited [Link]
  • TreePad Lite is a little application to organize your texts in a tree. [Link]
  • CryptainerLEMobile is a data encryption program, which creates a password-protected virtual drive to store your files safely. The program does not work without administrative right, unless the administrator on that computer installed the Cryptainer service. That rules out public computers. [Link]
  • i.ftp a small and light ftp program [Link]
  • Foxit Reader—a PDF reader that is not even 3MB in size [Link]
  • Crypto Anywhere, OpenPGP edition. Unfortunately, this program requires administrator right to run. Once it runs, you can create a [Link]
  • PicoCrypt is the only encryption program that does not require administrator privileges to run. That means it is possible to run the program on public computers. I will post a mini review next. [Link]
  • Best of all, PStart organizes these programs into a neat launch pad. [Link]

Additional information:

  • John Haller’s website, which hosts most of the portable applications mentioned above, also contains Portable NVU (HTML editor) and Portable Sunbird (calendar).
  • Besides Thunderbird, I also like i.Scribe, a very small (~ 1MB program size) email client. This program is from the maker of i-ftp.
  • PC Magazine has an excellent article which describes some ofthese applications and more. Please check it out as it worth your time.
  • Another website that describe some of these applications, including an FTP program, a music player.
  • Everything USB describes a list of U3 applications. For more information regarding U3 specification, you can visit the U3 site.
  • Dekart’s Private Disk Light is a portable encryption program. I am going to try out this software and follow up with a mini review [Link]
  • Portable apps for USB flash Drives [Link]
  • A Directory Of Programs Designed For USB Drives [Link]
  • Playing with portable applications [Link]
  • Portable Applications for USB Drives [Link] *
  • PCWorld’s Internet on a Stick article [Link]
  • Beginner’s Guides: USB Memory Drive Projects and Tips. This website gives an overview of the available applications. [Link]
  • CNet’s article about software for USB drive [Link]
  • The Portable Freeware Collection is a web site that dedicates to Portable Applications. [Link]
  • Tom’s Hardware Guide has a review of KeyPas—a password management software [Link]
  • MetroPipe provides a special version of Linux that fits in a USB key. [Link]

2 thoughts on “Portable Applications for your USB Key

  1. sanosh

    you can download and use the following software by clicking this link http://etoolsonline.com/my-rig/

    Portable Apps Suite

    The Portable Apps Suite is an all-in-one toolkit with seven helpful software programs in one place. Favorites such as the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client run from this suite, as well as Pidgin for instant messaging. There is also an antivirus and word processing suite comparable to Microsoft Word (AbiSoft). The entire suite of programs is just 2MB—small enough for even the most miniscule of USB drives.

    So, if you do not carry a USB drive on your keychain, these software programs should be encouragement enough to start. A USB drive gives you the freedom to use any computer anywhere—your way.

  2. ravish raorane

    I am using portable Firefox and office. It is a great utility for daily life. Portable apps gives us lot of flexibility and security for using personal information and files.

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