wiPod, an iPod-Based Field Guide to Free WIFI Hotspots

wiPod provides a list of free WIFI hotspot in your area. The list is broken down by state, then by city. Each entry has the address and phone number. As its name implies, the users can copy the wiPod notes to their iPods, giving them a portable way to locate a hotspot.


  • Free
  • Portable (when copied to an iPod)
  • Complete with address and phone number


  • Building the list for your area could use some streamline. Currently, it requires the users to enter their email addresses, then check mail for the links pointing to their list. The problem is, sometimes, it takes a while to receive the email.
  • iPod restricts the number of items in a folder to less than 1,000. That means Californian users must manually delete unused entries to fit.
  • The hotspot database relies on the users for update, that means the entries could be out-of-date.

Overall, wiPod is a free online service that I am glad to have, despites some minor glitches I described above.

Link: wiPod | iPod-based field guide to free wi-fi hotspots


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